​My Name is Dennis Hack and I founded Human Connection in 2012 to support all people and organizations across the world who work for positive change.

As CEO of Eurotramp Trampoline, a worldwide leading company for professional trampoline equipment, I meet people from all cultures, nationalities and ethnic groups. During international sports events, I realized that existing conflicts between the leaders of countries do not affect the trampoline family, as they all see more similarities than differences within each other. There is no cold relationship between US and Iranian gymnasts and there is no conflict between Russian and Ukraine trampoline people and I am sure that this phenomenon can be observed in most other sports disciplines, too. These hearts speak a common language.

Networking for a better world - the idea
Photo: Sajjad Karami (Iran), Kalon Ludvigson (USA),
Ali Roozitalab (Iran), Mehdi Azar Mehr (Iran).

​Sports enable us to socialize and interact with other nations and cultures, competitively but peacefully on a field of play, but what does it take to have a peaceful world? I don´t know all the answers, but using the potential of the internet is surely a major premise to connect with people all over the world.

I hope that the Human Connection network can bring us closer together and engage us to find the right answers for mankind’s challenges and needs and bring people from information and dialoge into action to make the world a better place.

Let us unite on our values and recall that humanity does not stop at borders, different skin color or religion, because there is so much that we have in common: Life, the children of this world and this wonderful life habitat called Earth.

March 2016

Dennis Hack
​CEO & Founder